What’s the Difference Between a Dietitian and Nutritionist?

Even though it might not look like it on the surface, there is a major difference between dietitians and nutritionists. Which one you should opt for really depends on what you’re looking in a dietary professional. It also depends on if you want to combine a few different professionals trained in various areas, or if […]

Becoming a Dietitian in Australia: Courses, Salary, Jobs!

Becoming A Dietitian In Australia

Updated March 2022 Being a dietitian in Australia and having a job as a dietitian can be incredibly rewarding, as it allows you the opportunity to have a massive positive impact on the lives of others. There are a lot of reasons to become a dietitian and the dietitian profession is a vast one with […]

So, You’ve Graduated – Now What?

Dietitian Life Podcast

Now, faced with the troublesome task of making a decision that will vastly impact your future career – the next big question is, where do you start?

How To Create SMART Goals For Clients

Client Tips For Creating Smart Goals

When it comes to behaviour change theory, the success of individuals with SMART goals has long been documented. Clients that have a SMART goal for their health are more likely to reach a positive outcome compared to those with a wish or a dream. The development of SMART goals in a dietetic setting has been […]

How to Set Yourself Apart as a Dietitian

Forging a successful career as a dietitian is no walk in the park. As any experienced professional will tell you, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to set yourself apart in such a competitive industry. However, if helping people live their healthiest, happiest lives is your passion, don’t be discouraged by the […]

Stop Cornering Yourself Off from Opportunities

We receive so many messages from dietitians or students saying they only want to work in a hospital or only want to be a sports dietitian or only want to work in private practice. Then when we ask them if they’ve experienced all of the work environments, they’ll often say no. Stop cornering yourself from […]

FAQs About Finding a Job as a Dietitian

Are you a dietitian or a new graduate looking for work? Finding a job as a Dietitian can be a tricky task! Here are some questions we’ve received that relate specifically to different dietitian roles, work environments and job opportunities that may be able to help you too. FAQ’s on Finding a Job as a […]

Our 5 Top Pieces of Advice for Student Dietitians

Student Dietitians, listen up! Now that you know our go-to resources, we thought we’d share with you some of the most important things we learned while studying to be a dietitian. Keep in mind that many of the above resources can be used to help you master these important tips. Attend workshops As you’ve probably […]

Why You Should Quit Your Nutrition Degree

Yes we all know that every member of the general public could probably benefit from a consultation with a dietitian – I am sure I could probably teach something to even the most well educated member of the public. Plus, with the obesity epidemic and all the other related and unrelated nutritional issues we are […]

Paleo Diet Inaccurate According to New Study

New research suggests that the controversial Paleo Diet should be incorporating more fish, rather than red meat. A new study from Lund University in Sweden has revealed that importance of red meat in the Paleo Diet has most likely been exaggerated. . The researchers at Lund examined Stone Age, skeletal remains from 82 individuals, and found […]

Things Clients Say to Dietitians

Whether it’s your clients saying “I want to look like Jason Momoa” or “I want to look like Kylie Jenner.” Or getting diet advice from a Yogi or their Mum’s best friend… There’s never a dull moment being dietitians, is there? Having worked in Private Practice for a long time now, we have certainly heard […]

Vayner Day: Meeting with Gary Vee & Vayner Media

For those that don’t already know, we spent the day with Gary Vaynerchuk and Vayner Media in New York two weeks ago as their first every Australian client in the Vayner Mentors program. Without a shadow of a doubt, we are also obviously the first dietitian company they have ever worked with; new frontiers. With […]

DEAR DIETITIAN: Protecting Yourself Legally

In today’s online world, opportunities to get your name out there and make some extra money can be plentiful – and worthwhile. However, how do you make sure what you’re doing is ethical and safe from legal blowback? Here are our tips on protecting yourself legally. While the right venture could make you, the wrong […]

Dear Dietitian: Money & Marketing Tips

Over the lifespan of Dietitian Life we’ve talked about how important marketing is in Dietetics and going through our videos we talk about many different areas and angles of marketing. Watch below for our special episode on the importance of marketing! For more tips and tricks, check out our website, Facebook or Instagram!

Dear Dietitian: Private Practice Advice and Tips

How did we end up working in private practice? The choice between working in hospitals VS in Private Practice can be overwhelming for new-grads so we thought we would answer some important questions on the subject! Check out our Private Practice special below For more tips and tricks, check out our website, Facebook or Instagram!

DEAR DIETITIAN: SPECIAL GUEST – Joe Leech: How can dietitians improve?

“The DAA is a major problem…” For this weeks episode of #DearDietitian we asked Sweden-based, online dietitian Joe Leech of Diet vs Disease: What do dietitians do poorly and how could we improve? Marketing is a Key Area Joe identified marketing as a key area of weakness for dietitians – but then realised that dietitians […]

Tyson’s Keynote Reflection

After Tyson’s Keynote Presentation at the DAA QLD Dietitian Symposium 2018, we ran a poll on Instagram asking whether you guys would be interested in a reflection video to go over some key points Tyson talked about, as well as many that Tyson wishes he talked about. Check out Tyson’s Keynote Reflection below! For more […]