Things Clients Say to Dietitians

Whether it’s your clients saying “I want to look like Jason Momoa” or “I want to look like Kylie Jenner.” Or getting diet advice from a Yogi or their Mum’s best friend… There’s never a dull moment being dietitians, is there?

Having worked in Private Practice for a long time now, we have certainly heard some interesting things!

Let us know some other good ones that we might have missed!

Things Clients Say to Dietitians

Full Transcript

Peta: 00.00: So, I saw my Reiki Master, kinesiologist, naturopath, optometrist. My hairdresser. She gave me some supplements. My yogi, my mum’s best friend, massage therapist.

Tyson: 00.09: Have you ever seen a dietitian?

Peta: 00.11: Nup.

Tyson: 00.13: Cool.

Tyson: 00.17: I think pasta bloats me.

Peta: 00.19: Okay, can you show me how much you’re having?

Tyson: 00.22: Ahhh … probably about this.

Peta: 00.24: I want to look like Kylie Jenner.

Tyson: 00.25: Mum took me off dairy when I was one. I’ve only ever had almond milk, because soy’s really bad for you as well. And I don’t know why I’ve come to see you today.

Peta: 00.32: So, your referral says that you’ve got osteoporosis and you’re only 29.

Tyson: 00.38: I have no idea why, like is it genetic?

Peta: 00.40: So, I’ve decided to quit sugar. So, I swapped my oats for acai bowls.

Tyson: 00.44: I’ve got no energy, so I decided to quit all carbs.

Peta: 00.47: So, I’ve gone organic. I can’t understand why I can’t lose weight.

Tyson: 00.52: I’m having health issues, so now I’m going paleo. So, now I’m going to go keto. So, now I’m going to go sugar-free.

Peta: 00.56: So, I heard that dark chocolate was really good for my heart health. So, I’m eating a kilo a day and I don’t understand why I’m gaining weight.

Tyson: 01.02: I came to see you today because I want to look like Jason Momoa. You know, the guy from Aquaman.

Peta: 01.06: So, I heard that red wine was really good for my heart health. So, I’ve been drinking 2 litre casks per night. I don’t know why my liver’s shot?

Tyson: 01.14: Yeah, look I really want to lose weight. But I don’t like exercise, so I don’t want to do that. And I also don’t want to change what I eat.

Peta: 01.20: So, I get super bloated every time I eat bread. I think I’m gluten intolerant. So, I swapped it for pita pockets.

Tyson: 01.26: I’ve been having trouble sleeping at night. So, I decided to quit all coffee. But it hasn’t really helped. Can you help me out?

Peta: 01.34: Oh, it’s two kilos heavier. I wasn’t that this morning. I don’t like your scales. I haven’t been to the toilet. Oh, but I usually weigh naked in the morning. Can I just take a layer off? Can I just take my thongs off?

Tyson: 01.44: So, you want me to get on the scales, like it is okay if I get naked? I just had that glass of water out at reception, so I don’t think this will be accurate. Oh, no that’s too heavy. Wait, hold on. I had a pen in. Are the scales the same as the ones at the gym, you know, those inbody things? Oh, I just had a big lunch. I think that’s what that is. Yeah, it was my cheat day yesterday, so I don’t think this will be right. Oh, that sucks. I thought I was going to lose 20 kilos this week.

Peta: 02.08: Like, I’ve tried the whole foods diet, keto, the potato diet, vegan. I went on the skinny tea diet, banana diet. Oh, intermittent fasting, lacto-ovo vegetarian. No carb, paleo, high protein diet, the lemon detox diet, gluten free, refined sugar free, fat free, organic, juice diet, water fasting, pescatarian. Currently on the raw foods diet.

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