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Paediatric Nutrition Courses: What you need to know

By October 30, 2018 No Comments

Are you an Accredited Practising Dietitian or student Dietitian thinking about specialising in Paediatric Nutrition? Wondering what sort of paediatric nutrition courses are available? Or maybe you’re already working in paeds and are looking for paediatric nutrition courses to extend your knowledge and skills?

Either way, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve done the hard work for you and summarised everything you need to know about the paediatric nutrition courses offered across Australia and online. Read on to find out more.

National Paediatric Dietetic Training Course

About: This paediatric nutrition course was developed by DAA’s Centre of Advanced Learning and ChildD and is facilitated by some of the country’s leading Paediatric Dietitians. The course is split into three modules and Dietitians can choose to complete a single module or all three, depending on their prior experience. Once you’ve completed all three modules, you’ll receive a professional certificate from DAA in paediatric nutrition.

Module 1 covers the foundations of paediatric nutrition, module 2 looks at paediatric nutrition for certain conditions and diseases and module 3 introduces you to advanced paediatric nutrition areas.

Cost: for DAA members = $960 per module (early bird rates = $699)

Hours/CPD: each module is run over two full days, which counts towards 20hrs of CPD (assessed).

Location: Held in major capital cities throughout the year. The next course will be held in Sydney during March, 2019.
Best suited for:

Module 1: student Dietitians interested in paediatrics orAPDs with no/limited paediatric experience

Module 2: Dietitians with limited paediatric experience who are interested in learning more about paediatric nutrition

Module 3: APDs who wish to become a certified paediatric Dietitian orAPDs with previous outpatient paediatric experience wanting to work in the inpatient setting.

Introduction to Paediatric Nutrition for Health Professionals

About: this online paediatric nutrition course was developed my Monash University and is run across six weeks, twice a year. A new topic is covered each week and participants have the freedom to work through these at their own pace. By the end of the six weeks, you’ll have covered nutrition assessment, nutrition requirements, normal feeding and under- and over-nutrition.

Cost: $550 (early bird rate = $500).

Hours/CPD: 4-6 hours per week. This counts towards 36hrs of CPD (assessed)

Location: online; next block is commencing April 2019.

Best suited for: student Dietitians/APDs with limited experience in paediatrics. This course is a good starting point for those interested in paediatric nutrition.

Paediatric Nutrition for Dietitians (QLD Health iLearn Module)

About: this free online paediatric nutrition course was developed by QLD Health and is available to all qualified dietitians and student dietitians in Australia. Note: you do not need to be employed by QLD health to access this module, you just need to create a free account with iLearn@QHealth. The course involves 7 modules that participants can work through at their own pace.

Cost: free

Hours: 3-6hrs per module. Counts towards 30hrs of CPD (assessed)

Location: online

Best suited for: APDs wishing to extend their knowledge of paediatric dietetics in the inpatient/clinical setting.

Paediatric Nutrition in Practice

About: this free online paediatric nutrition course was developed by Nestle Nutrition Institute and is available to all health professionals. The course involves twelve modules, covering topics such as growth, infant feeding, chronic diseases, metabolic disorders and malnutrition. Modules don’t need to be completed in any particular order, meaning you can pick and choose which modules you’d like to complete.

Cost: free

Hrs: 60-90 mins per module

Location: online

Best suited for: student dietitians or APDs wanting to get a taste for paediatric nutrition before investing in one of the more recognised courses. 

SOS Approach to Feeding

About: This paediatric nutrition course is designed to teach health professionals how to assess and manage feeding difficulties and disorders in children. The SOS approach to feeding aims to get children more comfortable with trying and exploring a variety of foods. Paediatric Dietitians can use this feeding approach when managing ‘problem feeders’ who may have sensory dysfunctions impacting on their food intake, as well as the ‘picky eater’.

Cost: $1320

Hrs: Four-day workshop

Location: held in capital cities across Australia. The next course will be in Melbourne, November 2018.

Best suited for: APDs with experience in paediatrics who wish to extend their skills in managing feeding difficulties.

In summary, if you’re looking to become a Paediatric Dietitian, then there are a number of paediatric nutrition courses available both online and in some major cities across Australia. However, courses do vary significantly in price and the level of prior experience required.

Certificate in Paediatric Nutrition and Dietetics

About: This Certificate in Paediatric Nutrition and Dietetics was developed by the Royal Childrens Hopsital and is facilitated by some of the country’s leading Paediatric Dietitians. The course is split into two units and Dietitians can choose to complete a single or both units depending on their setting. Each unit is assessable with pre-reading, exams and an assignment and upon the completion you’ll receive a professional certificate from RCH in paediatric nutrition.

Unit 1 covers the basic content around nutritional, growth and disease assessment to ensure that dietitians are competent and skilled with implementing their nutritional interventions. of paediatric nutrition. Unit 2 has a clinical focus with dietitians implementing and evaluating interventions at more specific disease states in the neonate through to the teenager.

Cost: Unit 1 $1050.00 and Unit 2 $1050.00 or both combined $2100.00

Hours/CPD: each unit runs over 3.5 days and counts towards assessable CPD

Location: Held at the Royal Childrens Hospital In Melbourne and runs annually on separate occasions in September and April 2018/19.
Best suited for:

Unit 1: Dietitians wanting to gain more knowledge in general paediatrics for the community/private practice setting.

Unit 2: Dietitians wishing to gain more knowledge of clinical paediatrics and may not be as useful for those in a private setting.

If you have any other questions about paediatric nutrition courses, head over to the Dietitian Life Facebook, Youtube or Instagram and ask us!

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