Chronic Disease Course Bundle

Course cost $99 This course offers the complete skill set that you need to excel in practice. You will learn more than you can imagine from the actual practicalities of How To Treat clients from undertaking The Chronic Disease Management course. Learn from Dietitian’s that are still seeing clients and at the coalface. We provide […]

How to Treat: Weight Management

Course cost $49 We will change your mind about working with weight management clients. Dietitians lack the skills, food knowledge and creativity to help clients lose weight intelligently and without personal bias or agenda. We approach How To Treat clients in Weight Management professionally and strategically, knowing the how to assess anthropometry with ease and […]

How to Treat: Diabetes

Course cost $39 The advice dietitians give in the treatment of T2DM is poor, lacks individualisation and in most cases will not lower a clients BGL’s nor will it address the insulin resistance. If you are just recommending your clients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus to evenly distribute their carbohydrate intake over meals and snacks […]

How to Treat: Metabolic Risk

Course cost $29 Metabolic risk is the new and emerging term that describes a complex state of metabolic changes that occur within the body. Many dietitians do not even know what Metabolic Risk is and get completely lost and confused with exactly what to focus on, what matters, and what to treat. Did you know […]

How to Treat: Dyslipidaemia

Course cost $29 Treating someone with Dyslipidaemia and High Cholesterol can be frustrating as a dietitian. A client is often referred to you for “high cholesterol’ and told to reduce their fat intake from their GP and given no targets for the goal lipid levels, let alone what the different types of cholesterol actually mean. […]

How to Treat: Hypertension

Course cost $29 How many dietitians, like you actually feel confident with How To Treat Hypertension? It is often a condition that is rarely addressed and rarely discussed as a clinical condition process. Did you know that Hypertension is one of the strongest independent, yet modifiable, risk factors for cardiac failure and mortality? If you […]