Want to Start a Private Practice Business After Graduating? Here Are My Two Cents

Soooo many students get out of university thinking that the hard part is over and that once they start their own private practice, they’ll be choosing their hours, earning more money and flying to the Bahamas for a holiday every year. It’s something that, in my opinion, universities don’t prepare you for enough. The harsh […]

The Difference Between Clinical and Private Practice Dietetics


This week, we’ve been asked to give our insight on the difference between clinical and private practice dietetics. So, to get the ball rolling… Let’s just start by saying there is no difference! As a private practice dietitian, you are STILL providing valuable clinical advice. Assuming that most people mean a hospital setting when they talk about […]

The Truth About Dietitians in Private Practice

There is a lot of talk lately in the dietetic world about how we aren’t in competition with each other. Three of the largest Australian dietetic associations Dietitian Association of Australia, Sports Dietitians Australia and Dietitian Connection have all been talking about it. Along with quite a few well known dietitians. Although I know where this statement is coming […]

Dear Dietitian: Private Practice Advice and Tips

How did we end up working in private practice? The choice between working in hospitals VS in Private Practice can be overwhelming for new-grads so we thought we would answer some important questions on the subject! Check out our Private Practice special below For more tips and tricks, check out our website, Facebook or Instagram!