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How many dietitians, like you actually feel confident with How To Treat Hypertension? It is often a condition that is rarely addressed and rarely discussed as a clinical condition process. Did you know that Hypertension is one of the strongest independent, yet modifiable, risk factors for cardiac failure and mortality? If you didn’t or forgot about this after uni, this module will change your thinking.

As a dietitian, I know that this condition can be hard to treat individually, hard to assess and treat clinically. This is because as a dietitian you are not taught how to collect the right information for someone with Hypertension, you are not taught about medications, how they work and what affect they might have on someone’s nutrient status, nor how to implement diets that your client can actually implement – many of you may not know how to treat it well and how to assess your client’s improvement.

In this module you will be guided through identifying risk factors, assessing key biochemistry and clinical features that are crucial in your nutrition assessment. You will be taken step by step through how to assess a client’s diet, develop a nutrition diagnosis and interventions strategies that treat the Hypertension. This module will teach YOU (as the dietitian) how to create nutrition prescriptions that support, motivate and guide and influence your client to actually follow your advice.