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We will change your mind about working with weight management clients.

Dietitians lack the skills, food knowledge and creativity to help clients lose weight intelligently and without personal bias or agenda. We approach How To Treat clients in Weight Management professionally and strategically, knowing the how to assess anthropometry with ease and evaluate clinical indices that change as a result of weight gain and loss, You will learn to treat weight as a clinical condition that has actionable, targeted and realistic nutrition and weight outcomes.

Dietitians are afraid to treat clients in weight management and we show you that this does not have to be scary, that you can make a difference if you critically think about the client, what they want, and how to get them there. We show you how to create specific nutrition interventions with focused strategies and best of all how to implement counselling approaches to weight management that helps your client to keep progressing and maintain a lower body weight in the long-term.

You will not find a more comprehensive guide to How To Treat clients in Weight Management, with our biggest course yet. You will follow along as we step out the wide range of interventions that target the broad elements of weight management as well as the intrinsic nutrition strategies and creative food solutions that will help you to give your clients practical information.

Addressing weight with clients involves a large set of clinical, and counselling skills, as well as lots of creativity and resilience and we are confident by completing this course, you will be a better dietitian at treating ALL health conditions moving forward, with overlapping skills you can apply with clients for the rest of your dietetics career.