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The advice dietitians give in the treatment of T2DM is poor, lacks individualisation and in most cases will not lower a clients BGL’s nor will it address the insulin resistance. If you are just recommending your clients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus to evenly distribute their carbohydrate intake over meals and snacks and choose low GI foods, you are doing it all wrong.

As a dietitian we teach you How To Treat Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus by helping you to understand the complexities of the condition, but also what to focus on to lower hyperglycaemia and prevent your clients BGL’s from worsening. We teach you how to target your diet history and compile a nutrition assessment that assesses their diet, and give you confidence to prescribe diets, adjust carbohydrate and communicate your messages to the health care team.

You will develop a better understanding of how to ask the right questions in a clinical assessment and recognise when to advise changes to nutrition and food intake in order to prevent worsening glycaemic control, particularly when clients are on OHA’s and Hypertensives. We do this by getting you thinking more critically. We will educate you so you will no longer just give basic advice to your clients, but instead change your thinking and hone your dietitian skills. We will help you develop greater skills to write an comprehensive and well-thought assessment, lower your clients BGL’s and improve their insulin resistance. And perhaps most importantly, change your clients and their GPs view of dietitians, and their worth in diabetes management.