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Metabolic risk is the new and emerging term that describes a complex state of metabolic changes that occur within the body. Many dietitians do not even know what Metabolic Risk is and get completely lost and confused with exactly what to focus on, what matters, and what to treat.

Did you know that if recognised and treated with the correct strategies, you can prevent an individual developing Diabetes and having a cardiac event? I bet you want to be THAT dietitian. Well, we teach you this in this module.

We remove the confusion and show you how to focus on the Metabolic Risk as whole and how to treat all conditions at once, with ease and efficiency. We give you the tools to assess an individual’s anthropometric profile (defining shape and risk), diagnosing their nutrition conditions and providing a comprehensive nutrition assessment and diagnosis back to their GP.

We have seen dietitians get lost in the maze of collecting a perfect diet history, but fail to spend time on what matters, educating your client with the right interventions and giving actionable and focused strategies. We teach you how to organise your clinical thoughts into practical advice for your client. We show you what is most important to focus on and what and when it should be evaluated and by whom.

This module will ensure you are completely confident in How To Treat Metabolic Risk.