Remembering You Are Human!

Today I remembered why it’s important to keep in mind that you are only human. I had one of those rare moments today where I felt very inadequate. I was prepping for my ‘Education in Nutrition’ presentation and my design skills are pretty rubbish I have to say.

The Story

As I was looking at what others had done, I was having one of those instances where I thought “Oh my God, I’m not good enough. This is not going to be good.”

Once I got my head over the fact that theirs looked really pretty and was organised in a certain way that’s obviously superior to mine, I had a bit of a read through the content and some reflection. I thought, you know what, this is just me being stupid. Just because someone can put more words on the slide and make it look fancier and prettier, it doesn’t mean that the actual information is going to be any better that what I have to say.


It made me reflect more on other people’s stuff; there are so many occasions where things look really good from the outside, like a food, but the inside tastes awful. Or maybe you really want to go and see someone speak because, from a distance, they seem like they know their stuff, but when you actually listen to them speak, they’ve got nothing.
It’s really important that if you are lacking from the internal and don’t have the information, but you make it look really good, or make it look like you do know your stuff…that’s an issue. The same goes for if you don’t have really good skills to promote yourself, but you actually know your stuff and have really good things to say, maybe you need to work hard to portray that information to the public. Whether it be marketing yourself the right way, or making sure that when you are marketing yourself the right way that you actually have the cred behind it to deliver the right stuff. It’s so important.

I guess there are still instances where I feel very inadequate and that there’s still so much that I don’t know, and as you put myself out there more, you become very aware of how much you don’t know. But with that said, there are times when you realise how much you DO know too, so its always good to remind yourself that YOU ARE HUMAN. We all are.

By Peta Adams

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