Study Reaffirms the Importance of Fibre when it comes to Disease and Cancer Prevention

A new study published in The Lancet has found wholegrains and a fibre-rich diet may help reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease and colorectal cancer!

Worldwide, most people consume less than 20g of fibre per day. Yet this study reveals we should be aiming closer to 30g for the greatest health benefits.

Wholegrains like wholemeal bread, oats, barley, quinoa and wholemeal pasta are naturally rich in fibre, which may explain their beneficial effect on disease risk. Other foods rich in fibre include fruits, vegetables and legumes.

At this time of year, when fad diets are telling you to ditch the carbs, these findings are a great reminder of why the wholegrain varieties can and should be part of a balanced, healthy diet!

Read the full study here

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