Study Links Excessive Alcohol Consumption to Changes in Genetic Profile

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption has been a fixture in human society for thousands of years, however the long-term effect of alcohol on the human body has only recently begun to be exposed.

Professor Dipak Sarkar, of Rutgers University, authored a study on the genes linked to the control of drinking behaviour in partnership with the Yale School of Medicine.

The Report on Alcohol Consumption

The report established a link between individuals who were deemed as binge or heavy drinkers, and a change to their genetic profile. The modification to their genetic profile resulted in enhanced susceptibility to alcohol dependence. The researchers identified this as alcohol influenced gene modification coined methylation.

Furthermore, binge and heavy drinkers showed reductions in gene expression, which is the rate at which genes create proteins. Simply put, excessive alcohol consumption was shown to change an individual’s genetic profile which resulted in heightened alcohol dependence.

Researchers hope that the identification of these biomarkers could assist with the treatment of excessive alcohol consumption and identify those individuals at risk of dependence.
So, next time you have a big night out, think about the long-term effect that extra shot might have!

Read the full study here

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