Lyrica Linked to Depression and Suicides


The sinister side-effects of prescription medications. Lyrica is used widely in populations with simple neural pain such a sciatica to the complex needs of clients with peripheral neuropathy. A new study shows that Lyrica is linked to depression and suicides.

Once considered a safer alternative to Opioids for pain relief, it has now come to our attention that not only is it being abused in our vulnerable populations but also traded on the drug market.

Packets of 20 Lyrica capsules can now be found on dark-web marketplaces advertised at about $120. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is finalising an investigation into whether any regulatory action should be taken.

Lyrica’s listed side-effects note that it doubles a patient’s risk of suicidal thinking or behaviour versus a placebo. For every 530 patients treated, one additional person may experience depression and suicidal thinking or behaviour.

Certainly one to watch out for!

Read the full study here.

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