Valuable insight into life as a dietitian

Dietitian life is an incredible real-life resource whilst studying N&D. Their social media content provides me with valuable insight into life as a dietitian, the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ve also found them to be approachable and supportive, answering my questions and giving me confidence in my chosen career. Thank you both
Student Dietitian
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What is it like to work for Tyson and Peta?

Tyson and Peta run Fuel Your Life, the largest private practice dietetic company in Australia. Have a listen to what their staff have to say about working with them to give you an idea about what they are trying to provide for the entire dietetic industry through Dietitian Life.

Always interesting and relevant

Dietitian Life is a fantastic resource for dietitians, students and newly grads to expand on their knowledge and skills outside of uni. Topics touched on are always interesting and relevant as they create the professional challenges one might encounter in practice. The support that Tyson and Peta offer to those eager to learn is truly spectacular. Keep up the great work guys!