Dietitian Life Private Practice Course

We have developed an intensive private practice course culminating their combined almost 20 years’ experience in dietetics and private practice. It fills the gaps that university never taught you and is targeted not only at new grads and students in their final year, but also those dietitians in private practice that want to improve their skills for their clients, their businesses and themselves.

It is structured to provide a framework necessary to unlock the opportunities for you to be the most successful private practice dietitian you can be.

The course is by application, and open to:

  • Final year dietetics students, or those who have graduated with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from a DAA Accredited university
  • Those who want to improve their job opportunities as a dietitian post-graduation
  • Those interested in being successful as a private practice dietitian, or business owner

Day One of the course covers :

  • Providing effective recommendations and follow-up
  • How to communicate to current and potential referrers, GPs and specialists
  • Dealing with challenging clients and uncommon clinical conditions
  • How to focus your development as a private practice dietitian for the best results
  • Plenty of time for questions, feedback and workshop

For those who have an interest in running a private practice business, or improving their private practice business we offer Day Two (by application). 

Day Two of the course is an extra tier to the initial program. It covers:

  • The business principles essential for success if you are choosing to start your own private practice business
  • Business goal setting
  • Accounting principles and strategies to ensure success
  • Where to spend money and how to save it
  • How to market yourself and your practice effectively
  • How to get more clients and scale your business
  • Staffing and hiring – when to and how
  • What to do when things go wrong

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