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“Dear Dietitian: Optifast, Functional Nutrition, Nutrition Labels, Hypertension and Malnutrition”

We seem to cover it all in this ep of Dear Dietitian! To get us started, we discuss calorie deficit, portion sizes and meal replacement shakes – particularly Optifast – and the appropriate way to use shakes for weight loss.

Next up we answer whether dietitians practice functional nutrition which ends up takes us down a rabbit hole of vega testing, sticky blood, and our views people coming to us with random supplements.

We analyse a nutrition label and share what dietitians should be mindful of, and how to educate your clients on what to look when analysing a food label. Got a client with high blood pressure?

We discuss hypertension and diet including the “gold standard” DASH diet.

Last but not least… we touch on malnutrition and Malnutrition Screening Tools (MST) from the basic tools to a discussion around PG-SGA.

Total watch time: < 4 mins.


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