Clinical Supervision

Who it’s for

  • Practitioners with little to no clinical support
  • Practitioner looking to take their clinical skills to the next level
  • Practitioners seeking to achieve better results with their clients
  • Practitioners looking to increase their success converting clients to further appointments
  • Non-dietitian business owners looking for clinical support for their dietitian/s.

Why it’s great

  • Get one-on-one support from a member of our industry leading team.
  • You can select the best dietitian that suits your clinical specialty area, or the goals you want to achieve.

What you get

  1. An experienced dietitian will shadow you at your clinic/workplace for a day and give you the support you need to grow and improve the clinical side of your practice
  2. Intensive learning and development session
  3. Confidence in the clinical side of your practice to get better results for your clients
  4. Confidence advocating for, and converting clients to future appointments
  5. A clear path to continue the development of your skills


Ongoing mentoring and support request
If you believe after the clinical supervision you require ongoing mentoring and support to assist with your skills, development and growth, this option may be suitable for you. Quotes are available on request based on your requirements.

Half or Full Day Options

Meaningful Feedback

Full Report Provided

Choose Your Dietitian

We Come to You

Guaranteed Value

Business Consultancy

Who it’s for

  • Practitioners looking to start their own dietitian business, the right way
  • Business owners from $20k-$1MM+ revenue looking to scale their business to increase their revenue and/or profits
  • Business owners seeking to better hire, manage, develop and support staff

Why it’s great

  • Get one-on-one business advice from Tyson, who has started, built and grown the largest, and multi-award winning, private practice dietetics company in Australia
  • Learn how to apply the same principles and processes that Tyson has used, to your business

What you get

  1. 2-hour business strategy deep-dive session with Tyson at a location of your choice designed to provide you with new ideas, new insights and new perspectives that will unlock meaningful growth for your business.
  2. A guarantee that if Tyson is unable to provide you with any meaningful advice you will receive your investment back in full.

Premium Service

2-Hour Session

Gain New Ideas

Grow Your Business

Tyson Comes To You

Guaranteed Value

Business Consultancy Inclusions & Investment

Your session could include:

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